Fountain of Life is definitely on the move to some serious growth!  Over the last few months, we’ve not only expanded our ministerial staff, but we have also widened our reach with our church family.    

Pastor Ruben Alexander Ramos, our new Connections Pastor, has been a great addition to the Fountain of Life Team.  Not only does he come with a passion for the church and its development, but he has played an integral part in the implementation of our LIFE GROUPS’ growth.  Pastor Ruben has spent time as a youth pastor and has been heavily involved in church ministries for many years.  Pastor Ruben shares in our excitement:

“One of my favorite things about church life is the authentic community. A huge part of that comes from us meeting together in homes and discussing what Jesus is doing in our lives. That’s why I believe so much in what we are doing with LIFE GROUPS!”

This has also been a time of expansion and bringing ministry from inside the church building to the community.  Our Fall Semester of LIFE GROUPS launched with great success.  Families have opened their doors to host LIFE GROUPS sessions for a more intimate experience.  Our LIFE GROUPS cater to all ages, family dynamics, and spiritual interests, so there is a place for everyone to find a comfortable environment for worship and study!  Having a group study gives members an opportunity to ask those questions that cannot be addressed in a church service.  Our groups are all about growing in community and we want people to connect here with Jesus and with each other.

“Our heart is to see people grow in depth, both in their relationship with God and with all of the people we see in church all the time! LIFE GROUPS are the perfect place to make this happen.” – Pastor Ruben